up to four looks

6 final edited and retouched images

in studio


all images will be adjusted for skin blemishes, exposure, brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. the photographer's judgement regarding these corrections will be deemed correct. any specific requests pertaining to retouching or artistic editing must be communicated by the time of shoot. any extremely time consuming corrections that are not at the fault of the photographer may be subject to additional fees. any requests for multiple variations of a photo edit will count towards the amount of final edits included in the package that client selects. unless a rejection fee has been agreed in advance, there is no right for client to reject on the basis of style or composition.


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client is allowed access to all raw (unedited) images in order to select which images they would like edited. client may also choose to let photographer choose which images to edit for final product delivery and will be given the option. if client prefers to select their favorite images for editing, client must have selected files sent to photographer within ten business days of shoot date, otherwise photographer will select best images to edit. raw images are for personal review only and client is not permitted to post, use, or share unedited images unless granted approval by photographer. once selected images are sent from client to photographer, the final images will be delivered within ten business days from photographer receiving selections. any deadlines that are required by client must be communicated to photographer at the time of booking. deadlines sooner than the previously mentioned ten business day window for completion are subject to additional fees. deadlines mentioned by client after the day of booking are not guaranteed to be met if they are sooner than ten business day completion window. if client has any restrictions about when photographer may share final images online (social media, etc), they must be communicated at the time of the shoot or prior. 

up to two looks

$15 per additional image 


want an additional image or two?

up to two hours of shoot time


client must provide wardrobe unless alternative arrangements have been communicated or there is a stylist present. if client would like to have any friends or family join on set, client must receive permission from photographer before the time of shoot. this does not include makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, or anyone integral to image production.  




by booking a session with chris greenwell photo, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below. these terms are required in order to establish a 


video projects are formatted differently than photo projects. due to the nature of video projects, there is an hourly rate. the time that is charged includes recording time and editing time. an invoice will be sent at the time of final project delivery and must be paid within seven business days using any of the payment methods mentioned under payment terms above. if a deposit has been charged, then the deposit will apply towards the balance on the invoice. available for recording projects, recording and editing projects, or just editing projects.  



14 final edited and retouched images

a deposit is not always required, but photographer reserves the right to require a deposit at the time of booking. deposits are non refundable and will be applied to remaining balance of booking. if client must reschedule a shoot, then a deposit will likely be required if one hasn't already been charged. if photographer is unable to perform, a deposit may be refunded if there is no reschedule. client must pay entire remaining balance at the time of shooting unless there is a different agreement that has been discussed. if booking requires an invoice to be delivered, invoice must be paid within seven business days after shoot date. accepted payment methods are cash, paypal, venmo, cash app, and business check. any transportation or additional supply expenses will be at the cost of the client. photographer must be reimbursed for any transportation or additional supply costs. if client is more than thirty minutes late to shoot, photographer reserves the right to cancel.  

clear understanding of expectations between photographer and client. if you have any questions outside of what is listed below, please send an email. 

specializing in social media/sizzler videos, vlog editing, behind the scenes, etc.

the entire copyright of the photographs is retained by the photographer. if client is interested in a total buyout, then that may be negotiated for an additional fee.

up to one hour of shoot time

retouching and editing

thank you!